Happy to be alive day

Today is my “Happy to be alive day.” That is, 23 years ago today, I had open-heart surgery.

A few years ago, when I celebrated my 20th anniversary, some of my friends threw me a surprise party. It was one of those things that I will remember the rest of my life. Although it was pretty humorous, it was still very heartfelt, no pun intended. One friend even baked a cake. Another made a large heart (the shape, not the organ) out of poster board and had people sign it. Some of the comments are pretty funny such as, “Glad your not dead” and “it would have been hard to have you as a good student in my class if you were dead.”

There is even a lovely haiku written by my friend Pete. It goes like this:

Deb the Survivor
Heart fixed by very sharp knives
Deb, rocks, Rock Deb, Rock.

I really like the second line. If anyone knows Pete, or any of the Hilda crew for that matter, the line is not really that unusual.

I got out the card today and read the comments, good times college was.

This last Sunday I told my brother Tim that he now gets to have a “happy to be alive day” too. He just laughed.


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4 responses to “Happy to be alive day

  1. Crystal

    Happy to be alive day Debra!! I remember that cake, yum. You’re right, good times college was (Yoda?). I am very thankful for you in my life! TROGDOR!!! (trogdor is always an appropriate comment when you don’t have the words to express what you feel).

  2. Vicky McCauley

    I’m happy you’re alive too Debra! Congratulations!

  3. Just Me

    Hey Little Debra,We could never do without you. I had shared at work that it was you 23rd year after and we count you a real blessing. Another 23 only makes you 46 so I guess another 46 and that would be great! Love you!Mom

  4. Katie

    It’s my happy Debra is alive day!

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