Shopping, who needs it.

So I hate shopping. I usually have a very good idea in my head about what I want. I walk in a store, scan for the item. If I don’t see it I turn around and walk out. If I see a possibility, I go look at the item.

Last week I purchased a very nice skirt for a summer wedding I will be attending. Then yesterday I decided to go find a shirt to wear with it. I was very unsuccessful. I did buy a pair of cargo pants (I have never had a quality pair before) and an additional REALLY cute skirt. Got home, realized I have a shirt in my closet that will work with the first skirt.

Then I started thinking about the second skirt. No shoes or shirt to match. Today I headed back to the store, bought a nice shirt and finally found a pair of shoes.

Went home and the shirt & shoes actually go MUCH better with the first skirt. So now I have one outfit and one skirt that still needs a nice shirt to wear with it. At least I have something nice & new to wear to church on Sunday.

I repeat. I hate shopping.


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2 responses to “Shopping, who needs it.

  1. Crystal

    you’re funny…as much as you hate shopping it sounds like you have gotten pretty good at it 🙂 What kind of shirt did you decide went with the first cute skirt?

  2. Deb

    Actually, I tried it on again and I don’t like it at all with the first skirt. It has the same material, but it is a bit too lacey. I still like the shirt, but not with that skirt. I have a brown tank top that I can wear with it and a white sweater, so well see.

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