3 bummers of various sizes

This evening I had three bummers.

The first and biggest was that on the way to my parent’s house, my nifty Jetta broke. Some belt completely shredded. It stunk really bad, I lost power steering, the battery light came on, and it started to overheat. Fortunately, I was fairly close to my parents house at that point, my cell phone worked and my parents called a mechanic friend who met us and toed the car to his shop which was really close by.

Hopefully the parts are not on back order and it is not too complicated. It sounds as if it might be a fairly “quick & cheep” fix all things considering. It had been starting a little rough lately and last week made some funny noises. I was even thinking to myself as I set off for my parent’s house “what would I do if this thing just broke all of a sudden.” Yeah, I will be looking in to an AAA membership especially as I will be moving to Chicago.

This made me late for the hockey game leading us to the second bummer, Calgary lost. No battle of Alberta.

The third bummer is that I was driving home (yeah for my parents loaning me a car!!!) and I thought House started at 9:00. Turns out tonight it was at 8:00 so I missed the entire episode.

All I can say is I hope tomorrow night is better.


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3 responses to “3 bummers of various sizes

  1. Deb

    Maybe I need to go “sing a sad song just to turn it around”

  2. Just Me

    hey Debra, glad you made it home. When you said you were driving home with the third bummer, I was hoping it was not that the Neon stalled or anything like that. Sorry you missed the show but good that you are home safe.

  3. Dad

    When they “toed” your car did they use a toe truck? :-)From one type-o to another,Dad

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