Go Calgary!

Just this once. If they beat Anaheim, it will be the Battle of Alberta.

Hmmm…I am thinking about making a small foil Stanley cup to set in my car with a fun “Go Oilers” sign.

Last night I did some more grilling. Steak & corn on the cob. The meat was average, but the Corn! Oh man was it tasty. So about 2 hours after dinner, I went outside got the still warm coals going and cooked another cob of corn just for a snack.

My roommate & I also watched “House” yesterday. We enjoy the program although occasionally, I have to look away as the medical stuff grosses me out. It is a two parter, they are airing the second half tonight. We really like that we don’t have to wait an entire week.

Well, Lunch is almost over so I better stop blogging.


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2 responses to “Go Calgary!

  1. Crystal

    “House” was crazy last night, they can’t let Foreman die (and they won’t because its a TV show). When Joe and Foreman were lying in their hospital beds and Joe asks Foreman if he wants to try praying, I think that was one of the best moments of the show. And it is so ironic that Mr.Dr.Neurologist has something crazy going on with his brain that they can’t figure out. Very ironic… I can’t wait to see what they find out tonight 🙂 I like your grilling stories too, everything tastes better grilled.Oh, yeah Go Oilers! And Go Flames (but just for one game). A Battle of Alberta would rock, I would have to get two car flags, one Edmonton, one Calgary…to show my split loyalties.

  2. Deb

    Yeah, they kind of have this small “sience vs. God” subplot going. With the coversation about prayer and in other episodes when people keep score.

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