Sometimes in life, it comes down to the wire and you have to decide. Sometimes decisions are easy, other times, not so much.

Currently, I have a handful of decisions to make regarding my upcoming adventure to Chicago. What will I take of my possessions, what classes will I sign up for, where will I live…etc. Some are easier than others. Classes, not so hard to decide. Medieval Christianity, no brainer, I’m there. Housing on the other hand, much harder. My gut says one thing, but can I just dive in and find out what happens? Kind of scary.

Some people use pros & cons lists, some just pick by chance. One of my favorite ways to decide is to play eany-meany-miney-moe. It does not matter which choice actually wins out, what matters is which choice I find myself “rooting” for. That is how I know what I really want.

More importantly then what I want, discerning what God wants can be easy or it can be hard depending the on the issue needing to be decided. For those reading this who understand the importance of petitioning God in decision making, keep me in your prayers specifically about housing decisions for this fall.


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