Friday is here.

Well, I now have my housing figured out for Chicago! Signed the lease yesterday. It is such a relief for that to be taken care of. The final step is mailing in my deposit.

Also, just finished watch the Oilers beat the Sharks 3-6. Good game.

Yesterday was my half birthday. Now I am halfway to almost old.

I should get going. I have to clean my room…I should mop the bathroom floor as well. Last time I did that, I ended up slipping on the wet floor and hurting my knee really bad. It has been awhile, but I think I am scared to mop again.

Rats, the next Oilers game is at 7:00 my time on Sunday. I think I will have to miss the second period, as it is the Series Finale of the West Wing.

I am currently listening to 630 CHED Edmonton’s News/Oilers station. Sounds like the City is going crazy! Especially on Whyte Ave.

Ok, now I am going.

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