One of the Most Amazing things….

I have ever seen in my life, and I am NOT exaggerating.

Yesterday, a friend of mine and I got to go to Cirque Du Soliel. My boss had two extra tickets and kindly gave them to me. I probably would have never thought of going had I not been given the tickets, but it turned into a wonderful experience.

WOW!!!! Seriously, some of those things the acrobats could do were jaw dropping. The music was incredible. The colors were extraordinary. It was like being transported into an entirely different world. At one point, it very much reminded me of Neverland in the recent film “Finding Neverland” with all of the mystical creatures and strange characters.

It will be one of those things in life I will never forget.


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3 responses to “One of the Most Amazing things….

  1. The Mad Dreamer

    I’m so so so jealous. They’re coming to Edmonton and I can’t afford to go.I’ll just live vicariously through you. 🙂

  2. Nichole

    It was a happy night – thanks for taking me!! We need to plan our night at the Mandonlin Cafe!! It would be fun to have a couple of others join us too… hee hee. 🙂 Nichole

  3. Deb

    I hear ya, it is super spendy. I was only able to attend due to being given the tickets.’Cole, I am really glad you were able to join me. We totally need to plan that night at the cafe. 🙂

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