Another hockey fan.

On my way home from work on Monday, I discovered that there are people in Washington who like hockey.

Currently, the back window of my car has a miniature Stanley cup made out of foil, a Go Oilers sign, and a Sign with the Oilers logo. (it now sports an Oilers flag as well, but I didn’t have that on the car on Monday)

I was waiting to get to an intersection at a four-way stop when I noticed the person in the car behind me was honking & waving their hand out the window. I turned down my music & rolled my window down. I assumed they were going to tell me my taillight was out, which I already know.

Instead they yell “GO DUCKS!” I grinned and yelled back, “No Way! Go Oilers!” Then I shouted “Are you from Anaheim?” The replied “Yes I am!” So I informed them that “I went to school in Edmonton.” They gave me the thumbs up. We were both smiling at this point. Though rooting for rival teams, for a moment in time, we found comfort in the fact that someone else in this hockey-forsaken land cared enough to shout out their car window to a complete stranger just for the sake of the game.


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  1. The Mad Dreamer

    That is so fun. 🙂

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