Planet sale

The other day I was driving and I saw a sign on the side of the road. It read “Plant sale.” At first glance, I thought it said “Planet Sale.” I thought that was odd, who can sell a planet. Are planets sellable?

Then as I continued down this thought line, I realized that in a way, Yes, planets, or at least ours, can be purchased and sold. In a way, our particular planet, earth, has been bought a long time ago. Humanity does not belong to itself and cannot try and sell itself.

Christ bought the planet with his sacrifice, but humanity often doesn’t know he is the rightful owner. Instead, humanity thinks that it can individual sell itself out for whatever price it deems worthy. The evil one also contains false beliefs about the ownership and sale-ability of earth & humanity. He thinks he is the rightful owner when in actually, he is just a renter. The actual owner welds the true power and control, not the tenant.

Humanity, though as a whole, ignorant of the owner, might disregard the high price that was paid. Humanity may kick and scream, insisting it is free to sell itself. We are beyond fortunate that the owner has already chosen to purchase and acted accordingly, for if we were stuck being owned by the current tenant, there would be no hope of freedom. On the other hand, that is not, nor will ever be the case. The true and rightful owner is one of Love. Through that Love, along with grace & mercy, we are set free.

Hmmm.…an owner sets free the possession. Interesting thought. Glad that such an owner purchased our planet.


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