The Show

Tonight I had the pleasure of seeing Les Miserables at the 5th Avenue Theater. It is in it farewell tour, so we paid full price this time around to make sure we got seats.

For the most part, I enjoyed the show. It was the first musical I have seen where the entire show is done in song. The gentleman playing Jean Valjean was absolutely phenomenal. After one of his solos, the audience just kept clapping and cheering. It was so odd, that one person behind me asked if the show was over.

If you do not know the storyline of Victor Hugo’s classic novel on which this musical is based, you must someday learn it. (The story is too long and complicated to explain here.) It is a story of Law & “Justice” being confronted by Grace & Mercy. Two characters, Javert & Valjean, each acting in what manner he deems right. Each characters’ view on opposite sides of the spectrum. Which wins, the law or mercy? Javert (the police inspector) or Valjean (the former thief)?

I loved the music. I already knew the storyline. My one disappointment was the at times crassness of some of the characters. It churns my stomach when characters in book, film, or theater, call on the name of God and then live lives just as the “underbelly” of society is expected to.



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6 responses to “The Show

  1. Crystal

    I love the story of Les Mis…I never actually read the book, just watched the movie. But I love that theme of mercy vs. justice. Back in the NABC days I wrote a paper on Les Mis, mercy and justice for English class. Definitely a story worth hearing.I’m glad you got to see the live show. Sounded like fun 🙂

  2. Deb

    I also really like the movie version of the story.At NABC, my paper was written for my Romans class that Eastman taught.”Throughout the movie, the audience finds themselves rooting against the Inspector. In reality Javert is simply doing his best to do his job and uphold the law. Though society is run by laws and rules, humanity realized that life cannot always be ruled by laws; mercy is a necessary component of life. More often then not, mercy is lacking in society. This movie is a voicing of society’s longing for mercy. Unfortunately for society, ultimate mercy has already been given through Christ and unknowingly, society acts just like the antagonistic inspector and refuses to accept it.” (final paragraph of the paper)Yeah, I am one of those keaners who still has several papers saved on her computer.

  3. Deb

    For those who don’t know, “keaner” (or maybe it is spelled “keener”)is the Canadian equivalant of nerd/teachers pet. A name given to me on multiple occasions while at school for 3 years in Canada.

  4. Vicky

    I was at the Sunday night show too! I thought you had said you were going on Monday? Weird to think we were both there. I was in the center balcony row X (yes, the farthest back you can get in the center balcony).I agree, the show was amazing. It is definately my favorite musical. I love the story… love, redemption, peace. Wow!Vicky

  5. Deb

    Vicky, I thought that you said you were going last weekend. I was in row DD on the right section of the floor. Hey, did it strike you as odd when everyone kept cheering after “Bring him Home”? Everyone acted like it was the end of the show. It struck me as very funny so I started laughing so hard, I was crying.

  6. Vicky

    Yeah, they did cheer especially loud after that one. But he did a good job 🙂 Usually the orchestra starts right back up and doesn’t wait for the audience to die down, but the orchestra waited longer to start playing on that song. Good thing, or we really would have missed the next part.Oh, I love that show! A few years ago, some friends of mine did Les Mis at their high school, and one of them played the Innkeeper. He’s the nicest, sweetest, Christian guy, so it was a hilarious about-face in character for him (it was still a cleaner version than this weekend). Now whenever I see those parts, it makes me laugh because I imagine Jeremiah. But before, I didn’t really like those parts though. My favorites have always been Gavroche and Eponine.

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