Go Oilers!

Wow, tough break! (losing Rolie) I still think they can win, but it will certainly be more difficult.

Lets see, anything new…I got a “fun” **said sarcastically** doctors appointment in a couple days. The annual “make sure the heart is still ticking” appointment. I hope that they are able to give me some references for Chicago.

My turn signal stopped working today. And one taillight has been out for a while. So now I have an appointment to get them replaced. The Jetta is built so that it impossible for an average car owner to change their own bulbs. The manual says “take it to the dealer.”

At least I can get two changed at once and maybe save a few bucks on the labor. It should cost less then $40. Yeah, kind of ridiculous I know. It is in moments like this when I wonder what I could get for tradein value on my car so that I would own something more practical. But then I always get back to I really like driving my Vr6 (I trust it to get up and go when I need it to). And thats being said by someone who doesn’t like to drive.

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  1. Crystal

    Did you see the game last night? Did ya? Pretty good stuff…all those Oilers need is home ice advantage. And Jussi in the net didn’t hurt either. I’m not actually on first name basis with the goalie but I can’t remember how to spell his last name and I don’t want to embarrass myself. I probably could just google his name…Markkanen (that’s not too hard, just lots of k’s in a row) It’s so frustrating how much it costs to get anything fixed on a car, eh? Hopefully your mechanic doesn’t treat you like a dumb girl. Mine does, but I gave them a good reason too 🙂 I like your VW…it’s hot.

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