Hope Springs Eternal

Bad outcome tonight. I guess the “never say die” attitude of Edmonton will be sorely tested on Wednesday.

My doctor appointments went ok. I actually find out more tomorrow after I have a chance to talk with the cardiologist. Tomorrow I go in to get my teeth fixed. Hey, I better charge up my ipod tonight.

Congrats to the CCBC Softball team on their first win of the season yesterday! It was a very fun game to watch.

Yesterday someone said that soccer & hockey are basically the same concept except that one is on ice. Although I beg to differ, I decided that it would be fun to pay a little attention to this thing called the “world cup.” Too bad my country did not make a game of it today. Perhaps against Italy.

Another thing that occurred to me today was that if I do plan to study in Europe eventually, a limited knowledge of football might come in handy.

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