Next Year…

Two and a half months ago, Edmonton was not even in the playoffs. I believe that they got in by way of another team losing their last game.

What a treat! Who would have expected the run they had! The first ever 8th seat team to make it to the finals, the first ever successful penalty shot in the finals, the first ever over-time short handed goal in the finals.

In the end, they could not put together a strong enough 60 minutes. I am very disappointed in the results of tonight’s game 7. At the same time, I am glad for the entertaining last few months of Hockey.

When does next season start? I will at least be living in an NHL city, so maybe I can even catch an Oilers game. Next year, the cup will be ours.

Ok, so now what do I blog about? 🙂


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  1. Crystal

    Next time Oilers! There’s nothing as disappointing as the let down after all the hype. You should have seen Rexall when Pisani scored, did you do your victory lap around the couch for that one? It was good.And then the sad letdown (sorry Switchfoot, it wasn’t beautiful). Here are some suggestions of what you could blog about:1) What you ate today2) Favorite movie from the eighties3) The Curling championships4) Common Hebrew phrases used in sports (I don’t know what they are because I didn’t take Hebrew)5) Star Wars (or Trek, take your pick)6) The weather

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