32.5 degrees

Celsius that is, in Fahrenheit, 91. That’s the temperature high according to my car yesterday at 3 in the afternoon. The weather people projected it to be warmer today, but I don’t know if it actually was.

During this stretch of beautiful warm weather, I have had been able to enjoy some nice time outside. On Saturday, I hung out with some friends from church and we had a lovely game of Settlers of Catan. Using a board for our table and sitting on blankets, we were able to play the game on the lawn. On Sunday evening, I helped cheer on my church’s softball team to their second win.

Yeah for small amounts of sun so I can tan slowly without burning! Tomorrow is also going to be in the mid 80s.

The only downer to the heat, I think my light sensing, self-dimming, rear view mirror is totally falling apart. First the darker coating crept to the side of the mirror. Now there is something that appears to be an air bubble in this brown liquid that is making the mirror distorted. I read on line that this liquid has the tendency to leak out on hot days, so I put some cloths down to protect the rest of the car.

I was not going to get the mirror fixed when the dark part stopped working, but I might have to rethink that if the mirror continues to be distorted.



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2 responses to “32.5 degrees

  1. Crystal

    yay for hot days and getting to spend time outside…when we were in Puyallup last summer I remember you telling us that sunny, hot summers are one of the best kept secrets of the Seattle area. I totally thought it rained there all year 🙂 I love it when you speak ‘Canadian-ese’ Celsius? *giggle* What next, eh?

  2. Nichole

    Looking forward to our fun party on Saturday… got the message about the salad. You got it! Let me know if I need to bring more???

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