Temporary sorrow bargaining for future hopes
Is it too high a price?
To give up, move on, walk away, all for what?

Words are without grasp; flittering away, empty
The deepest meanings and intents go unspoken
Friendship too painful to endure, too heartbreaking to not begin
Which to choose?
To experience life without community is hollow

No choice exists.
To stay is to become stagnate, to crawl forward is life
To not reach out is to implode with the grief of what could have been
To Settle with the mundane is purely ridiculous

Future joy purchased with current sadness
Not a first choice, but ultimately, the Truest choice
All in
For to do other wise is foolishness

Drowning in tears at the thought of reality
Peace sweet child,
Even the darkest night has a moon



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3 responses to “

  1. Deb

    These are some words that were bouncing around in my head as I drove home this evening. I believe tonight was the first time I had to say go bye to anyone. Reality is slowly sinking in.

  2. Crystal

    your words say a lot Debra…you made me want to cry. I like that line “Friendship too painful to endure, too heartbreaking to not begin” What to choose, indeed. Like you said if we don’t choose friendship we choose emptiness…but sometimes those goodbyes hurt way too much.

  3. Nichole

    😦 I love ya friend – and will miss you indeed. It was worth it. 🙂

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