Of Bumper Boats & Go Karts

On Wednesday night, a group of us girls (the bride, the three bridesmaids/matrons, & myself) got together and had a bit of fun. We went on some bumper boats, which at first glance I was not excited to do. It looked like it was going to be really lame, but turned out to be quite fun. I had a very difficult time steering, so mostly, I just went in circles while laughing.

After the bumper boats, we tried out the Go Karts. My little yellow number 15 car was super fast! I was whipping around corners, passing people left and right…right up until it ran out of gas that is. So I had to wait while they brought out a new car.

My second car was meant for two people. It had space for a driver and a smaller passenger. Unfortunately for me, the seatbelt was really loose, plus with no passenger sitting in the seat next to me, I kept sliding around. Every time I took a corner, I would slide across the seat and end up on the passenger side. After a while I started using my knees to squeeze the pole that held the steering wheel, in order to try and stay in the drivers seat. It worked ok, but that night & the next day, my knees were killing me.

Here are a couple of pictures of me in my two different cars.

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