Pirates 2 & The Ledge

On Friday afternoon, I hung out with one of my close friends. I was a little worried heading to Edmonton, because this friend was not involved in any of the wedding activities, so I did not know if we would be able to hang out.

She had not seen Pirates 2, so we went and watched it (which I was very excited to see again). After the movie, we went to find somewhere to eat. We wanted to try out this little French restaurant, but no one came to serve us, so we end up choosing the Sherlock Holms Pub. This was a little English pub where I almost ordered bangers & mash, but opted for the beef & ale pie. As we left the parking garage, we are pretty sure the pay lady ripped us off.

After lunch, we went to the Ledge grounds. Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, and they have a very nice Legislature building with fountains & beautiful landscaping. I have been there many times for picnics, freshman connections, (anyone out there remember the infamous Dan & Dan race in the fountain even under the bridge?), and “purple city” but I had never been inside the building.

It was really fun going on a tour and learning a bit about the history of Alberta. Here is a picture of the marble entrance.


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2 responses to “Pirates 2 & The Ledge

  1. The Mad Dreamer

    That sounds like fun. I’ve never gone on a tour of the ledge…

  2. Crystal

    Sounds like a good time! Did you notice that your lunch choices encapsulated the classic story of Canadian history, the French versus the English? And food like history repeated itself in the victory of the British :)I like how you write the “Ledge”, it makes sense and sounds cool. I always wrote it the “Leg” (as in short for legislative) and then people would be like “the leg of what??” But I’m going to start writing ‘the Ledge’now, savvy?

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