The Big Event

The wedding was very fun. The Bride looked like a princess in her gown. It is such a joy to see two individuals who love the Lord so much following him down this path called marriage. They are so much in love and with their focus on the Lord, I have no doubt they are just starting out on a spectacular adventure together, striving to serve him.

The reception was at a very nice golf club and I ended up sitting with “the rowdies.” At our table of 10, there were only 3 girls to try and maintain some order. Four of the guys were old classmates of mine from college and their crazy antics were extremely entertaining.

Crazy antics include, but are not limited to: chanting the Groom’s name when he was being “dinged” to kiss the Bride, holding up score cards to judge the kisses, and lining up the spouses/boyfriends of the Bride & her bridesmaids so each girl could be kissed. We laughed so much and fortunately, even though we were the “rowdy” table, we still were just under the line of over the top obnoxiousness.

This is the first wedding for any of the girls in “the crew.” Fun thing is, she married a guy from our college crew, so I had the privilege of being friends with both the bride & the groom.

Here is a picture of “us girls.” Three of us lived in dorms and we hit it off with the Bride who was a commuter student. We spent a good 2 years building some pretty tight friendships.


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  1. The Mad Dreamer

    Wow. Who’s that hot woman in blue on the end? 😉

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