New Music & Hot Days

I have been able to pick up some new music recently, some Jack Johnson songs as well as Michael Bublè. Jack Johnson is relatively new to me and he is fantastic. I already knew that I enjoyed Bublè, so I was just adding to the 5 songs I already had of his.

There is this other band, The Fray, that I have heard on the radio and really liked their sound, specifically the song Over My Head. Turns out the guys in the band are all Christians who grew up listening to dc talk & Steven Curtis Chapman. (Finally a cool band that grew up listening to the same music as I did.)

Even though they don’t label themselves as a Christian band, their music is faith based because their lives are. Which makes me pretty excited because I know that I will not have a problem with their cd due to lyrical content. So I went and bought it on itunes last night. So far, WOW, great cd!!!! Definitely recommend it. Whether you hold to Christian beliefs or not will not affect whether you like their music or not.

Also, thought I would let everyone know it is really hot here. Yesterday at 7 pm, I was driving to a friend’s house and my car said 102 degrees. (38 Celsius). And that was 2 hours past 5 o’clock, which is usually when the high of the day occurs. On my way home past midnight, it was still 75. Not your typical Washington weather.


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