new phone

I just got a new cell phone because I have to give my old one back to work when I leave.

This new one is ridiculous!!!! It is so cool. It’s the new thin phone for sprint. I just viewed my blog on my cell phone! Technology blows me away.

Now I am off to watch House.


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2 responses to “new phone

  1. Crystal

    sounds pretty swanky…can you take pictures with it? I think I am still stuck in about 2000 as far as technology goes, I haven’t upgraded much since then. I love watching old episodes of Seinfeld where they are talking on their oh-so-modern-and-cool cordless phones and they are HUGE! It always makes me laugh 🙂

  2. Deb

    Yeah, it has a camera. I was able to take some fun pictures of people to put as “caller id”I too laugh at the huge cordless phones from just a short time ago on tv shows

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