Today I moved most of my belongings to my parents. Thanks to those family & friends who came and helped me move boxes & furniture.

My last day of yesterday went well. The pizza lunch was fun. They were extremely generous to me. One of the items they gave me was a rad zip-up hoodie that has a picture of Zee the Mighty Ant that I designed on the computer sometime last year. Everyone will be greatly missed.

Also this will be my last blog for a few days. I am about to pack up my computer and I don’t know if I will have Internet access next week. The week after that I am on the road so it might be a handful of weeks before I am back.



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4 responses to “Moving

  1. The Mad Dreamer

    We’ll miss you. Happy moving!

  2. Crystal

    Time flies when you are reading somebody’s blog! It still feels like you were just here but you are already all packed up and heading (soon!) to another part of the world. I will miss your blogging until it returns. But I will continue to check everyday just to keep your number counts up 🙂 Only 14 more ‘views’ before you hit 4500…and Chicago will only make you more popular.

  3. Anonymous

    What an exciting adventure is awaiting you – You will love the Midwest – maybe not the winters – Have a great last week in Washington – looking forward to your blog once you are in Chicago -Have a great and safe trip – my prayers will be with you as you begin this new chapter in your life. Love ya, Aunt Chris

  4. Tyler F. Williams

    Hey Deb… I cam across a book you may be interested in (it relates to your senior paper you did at Taylor): The Faiths of the Founding Fathers

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