One Year of Blogging & "I'm Here!"

So I made it to chicago! It was a safe trip and I will post a couple of pictures eventually. But I just wanted to check in and say I made it.

Also, as of today, I have now been blogging for a year. I still have limited internet access, so it may be a couple more days before I have a chance to give a run down of my trip and of my new home.

As for my house, it is so cute! My room is a small room off the kitchen that we are pretty sure used to be the porch at one time. I have windows on two walls to the outside where I view other houses and trees. AND, I have two windows into the kitchen. (this is why we think it might have been the porch.)

I will post more later, but for now, I hope all is well. Things are going great here and school activities begin next week.



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2 responses to “One Year of Blogging & "I'm Here!"

  1. Anonymous

    It is so good to hear from you – I’ve been checking to see if you were up and running. Glad to hear everything is going good. Did you remember that Chuck Weber is a professor at Wheaton. Also, have you met your roommates? Have a great weekend in the big city of Chicago and remember you can visit us anytime. We have a room all set up – Love ya, Aunt Chris

  2. The Mad Dreamer

    Glad you arrived safely!

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