This first picture is of me while I am driving. (yes, I took the picture while driving) It is on day one while we were heading out of the mountians into eastern washington.

This picture is of my dashboard at 10:40 pm on the first day of driving. I had another photo that showed the car was going 100 mph, but the picture was not as clear, so I opted to post this one. And yes, my mother knows I did this.



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3 responses to “Pictures!

  1. Katie

    The idea that you were driving 100mph is one thing, but driving 100mph AND taking a picture?! You are just lucky you made it to Chicago in one piece! Glad that you did!

  2. Deb

    🙂 I got the camera out, turned it on, set it on my steering wheel, then sped up. all for a nifty picture. We probably averaged about 70-80 mph for our highway driving.

  3. Dad

    No comment -Dad

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