It is my favorite

This evening, I broke my all-time favorite coffee mug. It had no sentimental value (I think I got it at a garage sale), but I really like the color. It had white on top, a periwinkle blue on the bottom and then a lighter blue strip in between those two colors.

I just like the way the mug felt in my hand. I had perfected the holding of the mug with two fingers through the handle, a pointer finger on the outside of the handle, and then my little pinky wrapped around the bottom. It was the perfect mug to use while reading. It was the perfect mug to heat water in for times I needed hot water, but could not microwave my other containers or plastic mugs. I just used it this morning for just that, hot water for my starbucks mug that I cannot microwave.

It had been sitting unnoticed on my night table all day. It did not cause me any trouble. It minded its own business. It spent the day not jealous of the starbucks mug because it knew deep down, it was my favorite. It was aware of its own weaknesses and limitations, that it was unable to be used as a travel mug. But at the end of the day, my mug knew if there was a “rainy-read-books-at-home-day”, it would be loved.

And how did I treat this loyal companion?!?! I was laying on my bed and as I sat up, I kicked it clean off the table. It hit the hardwood floor and was done. As my sadness grew in realization to the friend I just lost, my helpful roommates came to my rescue with the broom. For not only did I break the mug, I accidentally stepped right where it landed. Upon stooping to pick up the pieces, my phone happened to ring, so I did not really get to grieve the loss as I would have liked.

Perhaps this is a good thing because later in the evening, I sat staring at the mug in disbelief. Here before me where 3-4 solid pieces, a fairly clean break. Only a few extremely small fragments needed to be thrown away. What does my loyal mug require of me in its time of need? Only a second chance, for one word popped into my head….SUPER GLUE (ok, two words). I actually think the mug may be salvageable. Perhaps It will have to have a desk job and no longer be deployed to assignments that include the microwave, but I do believe I will find use for the my friend, the blue mug, in the future.

After all, it is my favorite.



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3 responses to “It is my favorite

  1. Dad

    I hear ya Deb. As you know we finally had to say goodbye to my favorite mug one day as well. It was a unique mug, having a warmer jacket around it made of fur, yes you remember it well, This mug warmed everyones heart, It would even seem to smile back at you when you looked at it. This mug was a bit small though for this particular variety. How we miss our little dog “Mugsy”.Happy Reading,Dad

  2. Tim

    That dog bit me so many times.

  3. Just Me

    Deba, you should be a writer! Your poor mug. It will probably be very honored to be perched up on your desk!

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