A much more productive day

I got a lot done today. As far as my reading homework goes, I have about 45 more pages to read tonight. After I read those pages, I will be caught up and even slightly ahead.

I also bought a really sweet couch today! Here is a picture of it in our living room. Its used and old (obviously) but it is in great condition. It is super comfortable too. Also note the rad lamppost to the left. Arguably one of the best all time e-bay purchases. (right up there with Settlers of Catan).

Here is an up close picture of the pattern. Yes, it is kind of retro, but I really like it.

In addition to purchasing a couch, I went to the farmers market today. So this evening, I made a beef stew of sorts with some of the fresh vegetables I bought. red potatoes, a sweet onion, and some green beans. The stew also had some carrots and tomatoes. Much better than the spinach that I had yesterday.



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2 responses to “A much more productive day

  1. Just Me

    Well Debra, that couch does look long enough to sleep comfortably on. I am surprised you like the pattern. I did not get that picture from our conversation but I think it looks pretty cool. Good Job.

  2. Anonymous

    Deb,Fortunately, (responding to the “just me said”), if you sleep on the couch, you don’t have to see the pattern. Couch looks cool. Two votes for cool.Dad

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