Sad Day

Well friends, my computer is sick. I just got off the phone with Apple (three cheers for calling them one minute before the phone lines open, hanging up and hitting redial…no time on hold). They are sending a box to pick it up.

For no reason at all it randomly decides to shut down. When it “sleeps” it won’t turn back on. When it is off and I try to turn it on, the thing starts up for a second and immediately shuts off. The only way to start the computer is to hold down the on button, which will get it running, but beep really loudly. And if it finally turns on, chances are the fan in the computer will run loudly for an extremely long time.

Sad day. It will probably be at least 10 days before I get it back.

Which means…limited internet access. SO, it may be a bit of time before I am back blogging.

Until then, I will work diligently on my studies.


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2 responses to “Sad Day

  1. Anonymous

    At least you will get good studying time in… maybe :)Kristin

  2. Lance

    hang in there. when working, you will love it!:-)

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