Reflecting on a Sunday eve.

Hi all, I borrowed a computer this evening so that I could get a little online stuff done.

Three cheers for the Seahawks! Yes, there was no touchdown. No I do not know very much about the game whether it was well played or not. BUT, they won! Right on.

I finally finished my book of Jonathan Edwards sermons. (yes Kristin, it is easier to get work done without having easy internet access 🙂 ) I wrote a one page paper about Edwards this afternoon. now its on to reading other books.

Hope everyone is enjoying the fair without me. I hear “its a doozy”

On a much more somber note:

Since I will most likely not be able to blog tomorrow, I just wanted to make a comment about the 5th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. WOW. I cannot believe it has been five years. One of my friends birthday is today, the 10th. He once asked how I remember his birthday so well. Unfortunately, I had to tell him that it was the last day life was normal. I did not see the WTC movie nor the movie Flight 93. Honestly, I guess I am little bothered that people are making money from it. Yes, one could argue, we don’t want to forget, it honors the heroes of 9-11, but I feel like it is too soon. Just my take on it.



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2 responses to “Reflecting on a Sunday eve.

  1. Dad

    I actually saw my first full Seahawk game and also my first full Lion game, in years. And this was on the same day yet. :-)But what a boring game. No touchdowns. 8 attempted field goals. 5 successful. 🙂 A game of checkers would have been more exciting. Like the announcer said, “There has been more scoring in recent Detroit Tiger games then there was in this football game.What makes it interesting though is with the same score of 9 to 6, Seattle walks away with a smile due to the win and Detroit probably feels pretty good knowing that their defense hung out really well with the Seahawks explosive offense.

  2. Tim

    I heard that these movies were well done and keep a respectful attitude of the event and the victomes. That’s just what I have heard.

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