Basil the Great

Tomorrow I am spending all day writing a paper on Basil the Great. I tried to plan ahead, get sources weeks in advance, but here it is the day before the paper (and presentation) is due and I have not started writing yet. I have done a bit of research.

After that paper, I have to immediatley start another paper due the next week for the same class. Uhg. I don’t even know what my topic will be for that one.



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6 responses to “Basil the Great

  1. Crystal

    Umm, sounds like ‘fun’. Maybe you can educate me about who is Basil the Great. I’m pretty sure that would come in handy if Jeopardy ever calls.

  2. Deb

    Yeah! Done. well except for reviewing my grammer in the morning. Oh wait, it is morning. But even though it is 1 am, I do not have to be at class until 11 am. I will proably get up around 8, that still gives me 7 hours of sleep. Still keeping the anti-allnighter dream alive.Uhm…speaking of dreams…off I go to catch up on some.

  3. Deb

    Debra: “I’ll take Ancient Church History for 1000 Alex”Alex: “One of the three great Cappadocians who is remembered for his groundwork on the Christian doctrine of the Trinity.”Debra: “Who was Mr. Great, that is Basil The Great.”

  4. Crystal

    Ohhh, you are smart! Good job on the paper, sounds like you are back in the swing of school. Do I hear valedictorian bells in the future….again?

  5. Vicky

    So, I looked him up online yesterday because I’d never heard of the guy. I learned that he is the Greek version of Santa Claus (bringing presents on Jan 1st) instead of St. Nicholas. I hope you included that in your paper 🙂

  6. Deb

    WHAT! the greek Santa! I had no idea.Crystal, definalty no valedictorain bells…there are some crazy smart people here. People like you. And also like you in their good study habits. I have no chance.

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