Well, I did it. I finished that paper and gave the presentation. It went ok.

Also, I hung my seahawks sign in my car. They play the bears this week. Go Hawks.

And tomorrow is friday at last. Not that it really matters because I have a ton of work to do. But atleast my time is my own after 5 pm tomorrow.

Also for all you homestarrunner fans, I was told of another good sb-mail. the Techno one. If you haven’t seen it, its funny. I decided to watch all of them now that I have a fast internet connection. Tonight I made it through 1-22.



Filed under grad school, homestarrunner, homework, seahawks, sports

2 responses to “Friday!

  1. Crystal

    Ta-da! You got a ‘junk’ post. Congratulations on convincing your friend Franco! I do agree though that you have “good work, very nice blog” Seriously I do like your blog, I love being able to keep in touch when you are halfway across the world (or halfway across the continent).

  2. Deb

    Hey buddy. I can’t believe it took me 4 days to notice this junk comment to delete.

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