Bit of a storm

We had a storm last night. Thunder, lightning, & Rain. By rain, I mean 5 inches in one hour.

The Billy Graham Center Parking lot was flooded this morning when I got to school. Several people went out to their cars last night, but the water was already to high to move the cars, so they left them. When they got there this morning, there was only a couple of inches of the top of the cars out of water.

A handful of buildings were flooded. I think that the basement of my house was flooded, but I am not really sure because we do not have access to it, nor is any of our stuff in it.

I heard of one Grad student that lives in a basement apartment. They had 6 feet of water in their apartment. One of my roommates got stranded in downtown Chicago last night because they had to cancel her train. Fortunately, God provided a taxi ride for her home and the other individual (a business man from downtown) picked up the very expensive tab.


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  1. Just Me

    WOW! 5 inches in just an hour. Good thing you are not in a basement apartment. Glad you are safe.

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