Tonight I am going to the Broadway Musical Wicked in Downtown Chicago. It is the story behind the Wizard of Oz. This will be my first chance to go to downtown since I have lived here. I am pretty excited.


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4 responses to “Wicked!

  1. Just Me

    Hey, so how was Wicked? Did you go early enough to enjoy downtown? So did you get your paper in, not even sure why I am asking cause I’m sure you did. And NO you do not look like an 18 year old right out of high school. Take care.

  2. Just Me

    Just read your three comments about your paper. guess you got it done.

  3. Sarah Guthrie

    I got to see wicked last year and loved it. I guess I just love watching broadway plays in general though. 🙂

  4. Deb

    Sarah, Yeah, I usually enjoy any show I have the chance to see too. What shows have you seen?

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