Winter is here

Well, this morning we have snow flurries. Its really pretty and is actually starting to stick a little. They said we might get about an inch. One of my roommates is from Florida. She is pretty excited.

Wicked was pretty good. The music was amazing, the plot was interesting (it gave a different perspective of the characters from Wizard of Oz), the costumes were very well done. Overall, it was a very enjoyable evening. Hopefully, I will be able to post a picture of my roommates and I from our night out on the town.

Also, this evening I am looking forward to listening to an Oilers game this evening.

Ok, back to my homework.

Here is a picture of me out on our porch (acutally it is the roof) in the snow today.



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4 responses to “Winter is here

  1. Crystal

    ahhh yes, I remember a certain West Coast girl who was very excited about snow 🙂 It is pretty, I love waking up right after a fresh snow fall (as long as I don’t have to drive anywhere…actually I kind of like driving in the snow, it’s challenging). This will be your first taste of ‘winter driving’ eh? It will be fun! 10 times better than Seattle driving.

  2. Just Me

    Cute! Love the hat. Crystal, 10 times better than Seattle driving? Don’t know about that.

  3. Deb

    better than seattle. (driving downtown is brutal with the traffic & crazy hills, and pedestrians in the way)

  4. Dad

    Good picture Deb. Your hair is getting long.

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