Sweet Lou!

Ok, Yeah, nice the tigers are in the world series…I know a ton of people who are VERY excited about that. Its alright. I hope they win whom ever they end up playing.

But for me, as of today, I am very much looking forward to next season. WHY? Well I am still a huge mariners fan. As with every season, I believe at the begining “this is their year.”

Now that I live in Chi-town, I am not able to follow the team as well, so early on, I decided of the two chicago teams, I would root for the Cubs. AND as of today, one of my favorite baseball people is now the manager. Lou Piniella. There is a rumor circulating that he wants to aquire A-rod. That I could do without as I am still an avid disliker of him. (ever since he wanted to go to a team that would “win” and it was “not about the money”)

Anyway, Go tigers, and lets hurry up to next season.

Quote from Lou “We’re going to win here.” Who cares that this is the cubs we are talking about.



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2 responses to “Sweet Lou!

  1. Deb

    This man is very funny. The enjoyable sound clips are already here. Learned 2 things about Lou from the radio interview this morning:1. He does not read books2. He does not own a cd player or an ipodAm I suprised? not really.Also the radio people were talking this morning about how when a manager finally comes along and leads the cubs to a world series, they are re-naming Lake michigan after him. Better yet they decided, the city will cease to be called chicago, so they started testing out names, Piniellaville. This being said, I will again reasure everyone, the Cubs will not win the WS. Nope, the M’s are getting there first

  2. Dad

    Not owning an ipod? Man is that old school.

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