I spent about 2 hours sharpening pencils. And I got paid for it. The funny thing is that the electric pencil sharpener kept overheating and turning off, so we went and found another one. Then I just switched off between the two. The second sharpener eventually stopped working. I am not sure if it overheated or just plain broke.

It reminded me of the time at my last job when the pencil sharpener broke. I unplugged it, got out a screwdriver, opened it up and proceeded to fix it. That’s right folks, the office girl at the home building company knows how to use tools and fix things. Then it broke again a few days later so we eventually bought a new one.

Right now I am listening to Game 4 of the World Series, Go Tigers!

And I am reading about Pentecostals for my class tomorrow morning.


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  1. The Mad Dreamer

    Funny how electrical things break more frequently than manual things…

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