Blue Light Special

I just got back from running some errands. I stopped at K-mart and as I went to park I realized that I was pretty sure I had been there before. At the corner of Roosevelt & Finley, I definitely remember shopping there before. We did not go to K-mart very often in Washington, and the one k-mart memories I have is when we were waiting for someone in the “restaurant” and the people in the memory are from the old Chicago days, so that leads me to conclude, it was this K-mart.

Also, as I was shopping, someone came over the intercom “attention k-mart shoppers…” They did not say “blue light special on isle….” but it made me laugh anyway.

Today I also bought a webber grill. It is a bit bigger than my old one, but it was the same price as the smaller one. I’m telling you, it is best to buy grills when it is heading into the winter months of November and December. I got it at a great price.

Finally, while I was driving, I got to the top of this hill (yes, we have hills here) and as I looked out across the horizon (which is easier to do from hills here because there are considerably less trees), I was struck by the view. At home, one looks out to the south west to see Mt. Rainier. Here, I found myself looking off to the east and I could see one of the world’s most recognizable buildings, the Sears Tower off in the distance.

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  1. Dad

    Debra, the Sears tower is the same view we had from the top of the swing set at our old house in Lombard when you were a little girl.

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