Winter is here…

because baseball is over. Bummer about the Tigers. I called my brother, we both said yeah, too bad…ok, I’m over it.
Like I said a few posts ago, bring on next year. In the meantime, I will be listening to hockey and watching football.

This morning might be the last time I have internet at my house for awhile. We have been sharing with the neighbor who lives below us, but he is moving today. So we need to figure out what our plan is.

So far today I have already been up for a couple hours, so its not even 9 am, but already I have finished reading one of the assignments I needed to get done AND more importantly, I just finished preparing beef stew. Its now in the crockpot cooking away. I can’t wait for dinner! (I think this is my favorite meal that I can make. I love chopping up the vegetables. They always smell so good. Especially the onions.)

Don’t forget to set your clock back. I love “falling back.”

Today I am also planning on running to the store to get milk, one last item I need for my costume, and mouse traps. That’s right, we have a mouse in our house. And unfortunately, Frank the cat has not yet caught it.



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2 responses to “Winter is here…

  1. Crystal

    ewwww! mice are disgusting…did you get one of those horrible snap trap things? You will be scarred for life if you use those…not to mention the poor mouse. At least if you use a live trap then you can create the illusion of releasing the little critters back into the wild….that’s what they told us at summer camp until we caught the guy counselors throwing the little mice as far as they would fly across the creek. I don’t think Mr and Mrs Mouse were able to set up a new home in the wild once they landed. Good luck with your little friend!

  2. Dad

    So,who will be the brave one to remove the mouse from the trap?Debra? Sara? Sara? or Frank?

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