Luther is kind of hilarious

If you have not read any of Martin Luther’s sermons or treatises, I recommend them. Is he always correct? No. Is he humorous? YES!

He kind of goes on these tangents and rants and raves. In one particular treatise he is writing to the Christian Nobility of Germany. He is getting to the end but its like another thought pops in his head. He writes “The Universities, too, need a good, thorough reformation…..” Oh and by the way (Debra paraphrase) “The number of books on theology must be reduced and only the best ones published.” Who decides which are “the best ones?” Anyway, maybe you need to be reading it to enjoy it, but I find him funny.

In another section he makes some sarcastic comments and then refers to himself as the court jester.


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  1. Deb

    I decided that I needed to take a break from Luther. I have a few more books to look at tomorrow for research. Since the night is still young, I might watch a move later (I was thinking I would like to watch my Luther movie), but for the moment, I am going to do some more reading. Because I go to school, I cannot really rationalize reading “fun books” so instead I will read the closest thing I have to a fun book that is also needs to be read for class: Dante’s Paradiso. And I am pretty excited because I just discovered there is a fold out map in the back of the book!I have always wanted to read Dante’s Divine Comedy, So here I start with part number 3. Its offical, I am a bit of a nerd. 🙂 (or keaner if you prefer)

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