New Landlords

The house I live in was recently sold. Our new landlords will be living in the main floor of the house. They are moving in today. They seem really kind, but I am kind of bummed about the whole thing. We have to reconfigure how we park our cars. Up until now, there were 4 cars in the drive and we could all park without having to move out of each others way. Now there will be 5 cars.

Plus, I did not really like the idea of living in the same building as the landlords. This is a main reason I did not want to live in a basement suite. Though we do have our own entrance to our part of the house, we all share the main door to the entry way. Its not really a big deal, its just a small bummer. It is just another reminder that I am not as settled in life as I would wish to be. Someday I will own a house…a place to call my own. Actually my own, not just for pretend. Everyone who has ever gotten tired of renting knows what I am talking about.


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