I just learned that Martin Luther was born on November 10th, one day before me. That’s kind of cool.

This Friday, the 10th, a group of us are planning taking the train into downtown for dinner for my birthday. On Saturday, I will be celebrating my birthday by …..Doing Homework! YEAH! Why homework on my birthday? Because after my birthday there is only 12 days until I fly to Dallas for thanksgiving! YEAH!



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3 responses to “Birthdays

  1. Donloree

    Oh the joys of being grown up and responsible. Somehow when I was young I thought I would be carefree when I ‘grew up’. Hah! I was obviously a deluded child…or perhaps I have yet to grow up…yup, that’s probably it.

  2. Mom

    Oh Donloree, hardly a deluded child, but then in some ways, we all are. Life happens and we make the best of it. Only one thing that is sure. God’s Love. And we hardly know how to dwell in it. Anyway, Friday should be great fun and I also am looking forward to flying to Texas for Thanksgiving. Happy Birthday Debra! This is my last day at the computer until next week. And I’m not even suppose to be at work today because Friday is a holiday. So….I hope I get paid for the couple of hours I have already worked before I realized I would have more than my alloted hours. Love you.

  3. kristenhen

    Happy birthday, Birthday Twin! Today i learned that i have a birthday twin at my church. And the 11/11 club grows ever larger…But back to you- hope you had a great birthday celebration!!!

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