Check another off the list

I got my Luther paper done and turned in. I think it turned out ok. It was a little too long.

Next I think I will work on reading Dante before I read the book by my Prof.

I also bought my tickets to fly to WA for Christmas today. Let me see…..I will have just shy of 20 days in Puyallup. What a nice long break. I am looking forward to it. Although…I wonder if I can get any of my text books for next semester to get a head start on reading assignments…Or maybe I’ll just read some “fun books.” I will have a couple of days after finals here so it will be nice to maybe hang out with people when we have our homework done. Perhaps I will finally get a chance to teach my roommates Settlers of Catan.

I hear there has been a lot of rain in the Pacific Northwest. Today we had a beautiful fall day. Sunshine and a high of about 65. Even had the sunroof down on the car for a while. Looks like it will be nice tomorrow as well, but then rainy Friday and cooling off for my b-day.



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3 responses to “Check another off the list

  1. Lance

    What days are you home? We will be there from the 17th to the 3rd.Lance

  2. Deb

    17th – 4th I was going to leave the 3 too, but it saved money to make it one day longer.

  3. Katie

    Gotcha! That will be cool! See you soon.Lance

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