Birthday weekend

Thanks for all of the birthday greetings! I had a wonderful dinner downtown on Friday with my roommates & one other friend. I had a surprise birthday party on Saturday. (wait until I post a picture of my cake. It was Awesome!!!!! —-And had something to do with homestarrunner). I got a free movie rental. I did not even know it would be free, but I was filling out the paperwork for a rental card and while I filled in my birthday info I exclaimed “today! My birthday is today!” then the guy at the counter told me I got to have a free rental.

I will post more info & pictures when I have a chance.



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3 responses to “Birthday weekend

  1. mom

    Hey, Glad you had a great birthday. Looking forward to seeing the pictures. See you soon in Texas.

  2. The Mad Dreamer

    Happy belated birthday. Glad you had fun!

  3. Cindy

    Hey Deb! Realize I’m kinda late in the happy birthday wishing — but I was thinking about you on your day!Wanted to ask you if you know Amanda Reider (prounounced Reader)? Her dad is our current pastor. Just found out she is going to college there. For some reason I thought she was in CA. I really don’t know Amanda since she has been away at college since we’ve been here with a few short visits here.Hope your day was fantabulous!Love ya,Cindy Lou

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