Birthday Photos

Ok, as promised, here are a couple of photos from my birthday.

This is from our Friday night dinner downtown. We (my roommates and I) are a little on the “damp” side due to a thunder storm. My hair started out the evening straight.

Here are two pictures of my cake that my roommates made me.

Trogdor the Burninator!


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4 responses to “Birthday Photos

  1. Mrs. Gruber

    Wow- what nice new friends you have! I am so thankful you have them!! Love ya! Nichole

  2. The Mad Dreamer

    Wow, I love your cake. Wicked.You look great in the picture – your bubble looks invaded a bit, though. 😉

  3. Deb

    As far as “bubble invasion” goes…at 12:00am on the 11th, I walked out of a room in my house only to be “attacked” by my roommates hugging me. They were merciful though, because the plan they joked about was to wake me up on the 11th by jumping on me.

  4. Crystal

    “Where’s my cake? TROGDOOOOOOOR!!!!” Your cake looks absolutely burninated.

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