Winter fun

Here are some pictures from playing in the snow this afternoon

The first one is just of me and my multi-colored snow clothes.

This is a picture of one of my roommates and I was we worked on our “snow penguin.” We were going to make a snow man, but the snow would not pack very well.

Here is me next to Sam, the snow penguin. Because his wings and his body are white, it is a little hard to see his wings.



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4 responses to “Winter fun

  1. Katie

    Lindsay says you made a “PENQUIN-CHICKEN”:-)Lance

  2. Deb

    WHAT? Ok, I just confered with Sarah…Yes it does look a bit like a chicken.

  3. Crystal

    I have to say, you look positively Canadian. Especially with your tuque! And Oilers shirt. Your snow looks like more fun then ours 🙂 Ours is too cold to play with.

  4. Just Me

    What? Do you feel OK?You’re likeing the cold! Well, I guess it hasn’t gotten old yet. Great pictures! Looks like fun.

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