Wind storm

So I just discovered that one of the local Seattle news stations has a live news broadcast on line. Last night I was able to watch some of the footage from the windstorm that was hitting the northwest, now I get to watch the news and see how much damage was done. There are an approximate 1 million without power. And I talked to my mom this morning, I was able to give her an update on how the area was faring because they are without power (which means no tv or internet news access).

I kind of wish the storm would have held off for a few days so I could have seen the excitement.


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2 responses to “Wind storm

  1. Nichole

    We’ve been without power since 5:00 pm on Thursday. We stuck it out until noon today. It was in the mid 50’s in our house so we decided to pack up and leave. It is so nice to be somewhere warm! They are saying it could take up to 7 days for everyone to get their power back – crazy! I kinda want it all to be done now. 🙂

  2. Crystal

    Sounds like some of that exciting weather will still be there when you fly in. I hope it doesn’t affect you getting home 😦

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