I found out my grades this week. I was a bit suprised…At how well I did!

There are always new things to experience in life and just when you think you have something down, something new sneaks up on you. For me, it was the first semester in all of my years of school where I did not care about grades. In elementary school, I cared about the “1’s” verses the “3’s” [even in my extra year of first grade 🙂 ]. In jr. high it was to get practice for highshool when it “counted.” In high school it was a goal of a 4.0 (which I did not earn but got close). In College it was the goal of Valedictorian (which I did get to be, but more because most of my friends made up the selection committee, not because of my grades). In grad school, I think they assume we care because we want to try and get into a doctoral program.

Well, I don’t want to, and for the first time in my academic career, I did not care about my grades. It is very freeing. And to top it off, I did pretty decent anyway. WHOO HOO. (I guess I care a little)

Only two more semesters to go, hopefully, next Christmas, my masters degree will be a thing of the past.



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2 responses to “Grades

  1. Tyler F. Williams

    Of course you did well!

  2. Anonymous

    You go girl – hey why don’t you come and visit us sometime – maybe during January – while Grandma and Grandpa are here – seriously I know on a school budget it is hard to find extra money – just remember you are always welcome. I sure enjoy reading your blog and I love the new look – Love ya, Aunt Chris

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