I'm Liking it….

ok, heres the girl with limited money, but come on….Its a new Switchfoot cd!!!!! (and I even tried to wait to buy it, only made it 3 days). I am on the 4th track, “Awakening” and seriously… I like it! I was a little worried, after seeing the music video for “Oh! Gravity.” and catching a few seconds of “Dirty Second Hands” and granted, I still have eight more songs to listen to, but I am LOVING IT!

Sweet, “Awakening” just rolled right into “Circles” without skipping a beat. I kind of like when songs do that. It says to me that the placement of songs is an art within itself. Its not just a couple songs tossed on a cd. I wonder if it is possible to do that on the music mixes I make….Probably but it would take a lot of time and work.

I know that there is only one chance in a million that a song on here will overtake my still all time favorite song (not just Switchfoot, but of all songs ever) “Dare You to Move” (Denene Nenene Nenene Nenene Denenenenenene Denene Nenene Nenene Nenene Denenenenenene) Come on roommies, you know you want to sing it!. (what is “it?” OBVIOUSLY the opening guitar part on “Dare You to Move”) 🙂


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