“When I look at the stars”

I am home! It was an interesting day of travel. For starters, I took an extra bag home to try and off set the weight of some of the additional Christmas items I was taking with me. My large suitcase made it under the weight limit by about .2 pounds. Phew! That was a close one!

My plane started out being “slightly” delayed because of Air Traffic in Chicago. This slight delay ended up being about an hour and a half.

While I was waiting in the terminal, a couple of kids from our flight were running around and playing together. There were three brothers and then another Boy and his sister. At one point only the Boy and one of the brothers were playing. The brother says “I don’t have any sisters, only brothers.” (in a extremely cute little voice so it sounded like he said “bruhders”) The Boy then replied something like “Oh man, you have it easy, I have a sister” (as if she was some type of monster). It was pretty entertaining.

Then we board the plane, get settled, (I did get to move to the window seat because our “very full flight” only had two people in my row) and take forever to actually take off.

Finally, we are in the air still climbing to our cruising altitude. This was a plane full of people who did not listen or follow directions. They had to be reminded often to “please sit down” even while we were still climbing upward. Shortly after being told that we still needed to be seated and buckled in, we hit a bit of turbulence. Not to bad, but enough to feel a couple drops where you stomach goes up. It was kind of fun, like a roller coaster. From a few seats up I hear one of the little guys (same as those I watched in the terminal) shout “WE’RE GOING DOWN!!!” He was quickly quieted by a parent. (It was so funny, I could not contain my laughter. I almost cried.) Later I heard him exclaim (as it was still bumpy) “This is fun Grandma! This is Fun!”

The best part about the flight was the moon. It got dark as we traveled East and the sun went down. At one point the plane turned a little bit and from behind the wing popped the moon, still having a reddish glow to it. I love looking at the stars!

Once we reached Chicago, they put us on a holding pattern. Fortunately, that only lasted for about 15 minutes. After claiming my luggage (which by the way, the baggage claim broke after I got bag number one, so everyone in the waiting area moved to the next one over. I did too since I was waiting for bag number two), I called my ride and was on my way home.

And here I am.



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2 responses to ““When I look at the stars”

  1. Crystal

    Sounds like quite an adventure! Especially for your little travelling buddies 🙂

  2. Vicky

    I laughed so hard at the “WE’RE GOING DOWN!!!!” I’m still laughing. I was on a plane once from Frankfurt to New York with at least 10 kids under 5. It was the worst 13 hours (I think) of turbulence ever. Try explaining to a toddler why they have to keep their seatbelt on for 13 hours (or 13 minutes for that matter).My 6 year old cousin hit turbulence on his first airplane ride. When they landed, he turned to my uncle and asked, “Can we do that again?” But then again, he asked me the same thing after Space Mountain (I told him no, my stomach needed a break from rides for a while).

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