can't sleep

Hey, Check it out. Switchfoot’s new cd is number 3 on the top albums that are being sold on itunes. Right above The Fray. Both very good cds.

Interestingly enough though, it might be selling well, but not one person has written a review for “Oh! Gravity.” The more I hear it, the more I love it.

Ok, now that it is almost 2 am, I should seriously try to sleep.

As a side note, today (or rather yesterday) was very productive. I bought all of my textbooks and even read one entire “course assigned readings” This is a packet of articles that the professor wants to have as assigned reading so they make a ton of photocopies, put them in a little book and then charge between 4 to 13 or so dollars at the book store (to cover paper and copying fees). I will try and read another one tomorrow. (or, today I guess) that will be a great start on my “I am going to do my homework with less procrastination” goal.

ok, seriously…off to sleep I go.


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  1. Deb

    I am happy to report that as of 10 pm Sunday Night (the evening BEFORE class begins) I have read 256 pages. This is made up of 2 “selected course readings.” I count them each as one book, so I have read 2 of my 19 books for this semester. I am pretty stoked about that. Lets just hope my highlighting was done well so that when I need to recall what the articles are about a few months from now, I will not have to reread a bunch.

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