Ok, there is the cd that takes different CCM songs and mixes them together. I got one, Yours vs. Pressing On (Toby Mac & Relient K). It has a very interesting sound. I don’t know if all of them are any good at all, but I like this one. Perhaps if you have time in your day, I recommend taking a listen on itunes. Just search “smash-ups” and the album should come up.

Some of the other selections are Jesus Freak vs. Dismissed (dc Talk & ZOEgirl), Colored People vs. Entertaining Angels (dc Talk & Newsboys), TN Bwoys vs. You Already Take Me There (Grits & Switchfoot).

These might not be actually considered true “smash” songs because so far I have found that It is the lyrics from one song and the music the other, (not music & lyrics of both combined), I am not quite sure if there has been any “technical” definition created yet for such an remix attempt. Either way, a couple of them are quite interesting to be sure. It looks like one song is even a mix of at least 3 songs.

Oh, yeah, I should mention there is a throw back to the good ‘ole days of “who’s in the House?” (J.C.) from Carmen mixed ZOEgirl.


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2 responses to “smash-ups

  1. RC

    i love the switchfoot/grits one and the deeper one.ther rest are kinda…um…not as good.

  2. Deb

    I purchased 3 tracks, I think I like the ZOEgirl/dc talk one the best. I would have to agree that most are “not as good.”

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