GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

local weather report: we got sleet this morning about 5 am so it has been a bit slick and cars are iced up, but right now at 10:30 am it is thawing.

More sleet is supposed to move in this afternoon probably during the game. This evening the snow is coming.

As a side note, yes, I went to church, I just made sure to go to the early service so that I could catch some of the pregame & not miss the kickoff.



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3 responses to “Football

  1. Deb

    Bummer! I was pleased that for all the “the bears are going to win in a blowout” talk that was going on in this city, at least we made a good run for it. It would have been nice to see the last 2 minutes resulting in a Hawks field goal, but it was not to be.I have to admit, throughout the game, I was rooting for the Hawks but tried not to let my hopes get too high. And at the end, I also have to acknowledge that now I will have more time to study next sunday instead of watching the Hawks play.

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah…Bears! That’s a good way to look at it…more study time next week. Andrew called and was excited that they were able to find a place to watch the Bear’s game today… He was watching it with one of his friends who’s from Seattle, so his friend wasn’t as excited as he was. Love, Aunt BonnieP.S. Andrew is in Amsterdam with Bethel for interim this month.

  3. Ron

    Come on Deb…’s time to switch – Go Bears! You can do it! You’ll like it.

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